Product Photography Corby & Kettering

Product Photography Corby & Kettering

Product Photography required for a new website, catalogue or brochure in the Kettering or Corby area? Roy Green Photography offer the perfect solution, read on.

Product photography is a new specialist service we are offering to all our customers. We have a mobile product studio specifically designed to capture small to medium sized items of any shape or colour under perfectly controllable lighting conditions so as to produce flawlessly crisp sharp images against a clear white background, this coupled with high definition digital camera equipment and years of experience ensures you will be getting outstanding product photographs.

Products photographed at your own premises.PRODUCTS PHOTOGRAPHY corby and kettering
Our mobile studio can be set up in less than 15 minutes at your own location, so if you would prefer that your merchandise stay on your own premises this could be the ideal solution to having your products photographed without them leaving you’re sight. However, we can also pick up your products and whisk them away to our studio to be photographed and then deliver them back to you along with the digital images on disc within 24hrs.

Photographing products and merchandise against the perfect white background – easy?

Producing photographs where the product is surrounded by pure white but whilst also having a perfectly lit focal item that is the correct colour isn’t quite as easy as you might think. It’s not just a simple matter of sitting your merchandise in front of a big piece of white paper and start firing away. You’re product effectively needs to be ‘surrounded’ with both correctly balanced white light and uniform white surrounding material, in conjunction with your product being independently lit with the correct density light to ensuring your merchandise or products look stunning and scream ‘buy me’.

Why is the pure white background so important for my product photography you ask?

  • It can make your products almost ‘jump’ out at you off the page, especially true with smaller more intricate items.
  • Many printed media backgrounds are already white meaning your product blends seamlessly with the overall colour scheme.
  • It becomes far easier (and with better results) to change the pure white background to any different colour after the photograph is taken – giving you more flexibility with images.
  • It is far easier and quicker to ‘lift’ just the product from a plain white background so it can then be manipulated or designed into other artwork when using imaging software – saving you expensive computer imaging man hours that many website developers and advertising companies often charge you for.

A small sample of our work is below:

corby product photograper amazon white background photo product photographer Kettering PRODUCTS PHOTOGRAPHY corby and kettering